Magento Installation and error while installing in xampp.

Installation magento after downloading its file and placing its unzipped file in htdocs folder

code for installation CMD (command line) after

php bin/magento setup:install –base-url=http://localhost/om/ –db-host=localhost –db-name=om –db-user=root –db-password= –admin-firstname=Admin –admin-lastname=Admin – –admin-user=admin –admin-password=q1234567 –backend-frontname=admin –language=en_US –currency=USD –timezone=Europe/Kiev –use-rewrites=1

Locale’ not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\om\vendor\magento\framework\Locale\Bundle\DataBundle.php:64

Solution for PHP Fatal Error Class ‘locale’ Not Found in Magento 2:
Open file and find the line ;extension=php_intl.dll or ;extension=intl.
Remove (;) from there and save the file.
Restart Xampp or Wamp server and refresh the installation page.
That’s it.

Missing following extensions: ‘sockets’

go to php.ini and remove ; from the below statements.


Could not validate a connection to Elasticsearch. No alive nodes found in your cluster

go to elasticsearch /bin/elasticsearch.bat

and open localhost:9200 in browser.

This is not implemented, as it is not possible to implement Argon2i with acceptable performance in pure-PHP

go to php.ini in xampp and uncomment : extension=sodium

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